問01 A: __________ you like some more?
B: No, thanks.
問02 A: Why don’t you tell her the __________ ?
B: It’s too late, don’t you think?
問03 A: Tom and Tim __________ good friends.
B: How come they are not now?
問04 A: Who’s Hanna, dear? I know you’ve __________ e-mails with her.
B: We’re just friends, honey.
問05 A: Can I talk to Ms. Brenda Brackett in the Personnel Section?
B: Sorry, she __________ come in yet.
問06 A: Please come again.
B: I sure __________ .
問07 A: Don’t you like Japanese food?
B: __________ .
問08 A: Boss, I don’t want __________ with Mr. Eccles any more. He forgets everything.
B: Andy, he’s 85. He’s doing pretty well for his age.
問09 A: Seriously __________ in the accident,he was taken to the hospital.
B: Poor boy! This is the third time in the past five years.
問10 A: Do you think Dianne would say yes?
B: I wish I __________ that.
問11 A: Look at my belly, Michael. I’m pregnant.
B: Seriously, Bill, __________ better keep away from beer for a while.
問12 A: Dex, I wonder __________ you could help me to persuade the boss.
B: Sure, Susan. I’d be glad to.
問13 A: Is this a CD-ROM __________ a DVD?
B: Gee, I don’t know. What’s the difference, by the way?
問14 A: What’s wrong with this project?
B: One major drawback is, it’ll take too __________ .
問15 A: Does this bus go downtown?
B: I’m afraid __________ .
問16 A: I don’t like them. They’re always __________ of me.
B: Don’t worry. They don’t mean it.
問17 A: Death Valley is in California.
B: Death Valley is __________ ?
問18 A: The __________ idea was to arrive there early and have lunch.
B: And what happened?
問19 A: I told Mr. Watson’s kids __________ so much noise.
B: TOLD! I don’t think such a mild way will work for them.
問20 A: His idea was too abstract for me __________ .
B: What do you mean, “too abstract”?
問21 A: I’ve received an e-mail from Alex __________ that he has been ill in bed.
B: Do you think we should go visit him at home?
問22 A: I guess I must cut down on sweets.
B: I like you __________ you are, Paula.
問23 A: I’ve got a friend __________ family have an excellent vineyard.
B: And all of them are alcoholics, right?
問24 A: Everyone should __________ the threat of natural disasters now.
B: I agree.
問25 A: The fire alarm __________ off and the students got out of the dorm.
B: They were not in a panic, though, because they thought it was just a drill.
問26 A: Dear, you haven’t mowed the front yard, say, for ten __________.
B: Okay, okay. Maybe on next weekend.
問27 A: Phil had worked for the company __________ the early part of his career.
B: And now he’s back as the president!
問28 A: My wife suggests I should give __________ for Mother-in-law’s Day.
B: I know a good florist.
問29 A: The then-president __________ the conspiracy in advance.
B: How can you say that?
問30 A: Grandpa lost __________balance and fell backward.
B: Was he all right?
問31 A: Most people hate dentists, __________?
B: I doubt it.
問32 A: The kid _________ in four countries before.
B: Which language does he speak?
問33 A: My son seems __________ at school.
B: Does his teacher know?
問34 A: Many people believe __________ sexuality is innate.
B: Really? I read environment is important, too.
問35 A: I’ve got a lot of work to do this weekend.
B: __________ means you won’t come to the party?
問36 A: Jim shaves his face three times a day.
B: So __________?
問37 A: Pamela gave me the brush-off.
B: Cheer up. __________ always another girl.
問38 A: Tom says that __________ insider leaked the information.
B: Do you know who it was?
問39 A: I’d say the possibility of his success is fifty-fifty.
B: It’s far __________ than that, I’m afraid.
問40 A: This drama is __________ outdoors. They use real guns and horses.
B: Wow, everything's real, right?
問41 A: I understand you’re acquainted __________ a lot of celebrities.
B: Yes, quite a lot.
問42 A: How do you like my chili today?
B: Too hot! Make __________ next time, please.
問43 A: Without the Nile, Egypt __________ a desert.
B: That’s right.
問44 A: __________ do you think of same sex marriage?
B: Well, that's a difficult question.
問45 A: __________ the program, click here. Got it?
B: Got it.
問46 A: The Beatles sing, “She wouldn’t say why __________ go.”
B: Yeah. That’s “Yesterday”, isn’t it?
問47 A: Passive smoking __________ cancer.
B: How scary!
問48 A: __________ your company offer a housing allowance?
B: Sure. And there’re ones for transportation and overtime, too.
問49 A: This is the video __________ I said I’d lend you.
B: May I keep it for a couple of weeks?
問50 A: I was __________ by a stranger at the station this morning.
B: The tall man in a red cap? I saw him.
問51 A: A Japanese farmer found a 56-leaf clover last week.
B: __________ lucky guy!
問52 A: I’m sorry __________ you waiting. Where were we?
B: Something’s wrong with your car….
問53 A: We must decide __________ to do before everything.
B: Okay. Let’s have a meeting.
問54 A: His early education has saved him from __________.
B: My opinion is quite the opposite.
問55 A: We __________ the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice movements far into the night.
B: What was your conclusion?
問56 A: Someone says bees are very wise.
B: Right. They __________ a language.
問57 A: __________ out with such a shady fellow, Cathy.
B: He’s not shady, Daddy. Many boys wear pierces these days.
問58 A: When the police came, the criminals __________ already run away.
B: Again the criminals were quick and the police were slow.
問59 A: Why is your computer running so slow?
B: __________ it is just a cheap one I bought ten years ago.
問60 A: Do you go __________ on Saturdays in America?
B: No, we don’t.